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Thursday, March 8, 2012

a traveling project

Hello blogger world!  Remember me?  I am the other half of TwoLuLa that has been rather inactive for too long now.  Cynthia has been nagging me to post, but I just never get around to it.  So today when she said "post your motifs" I actually reacted!

Cynthia and I just recently had the good fortune to spend some time with our friend Karin on a trip to Florida.  Karin and Glen own a home there.  Karin invited us to travel to Florida with her [and another friend Kathi who came down with the flu and was too sick to travel :'( ].  So we did!  The challenge was to pack for a week in carry-on (something I have never done before) INCLUDING that must-have traveling crochet project.

Hmm....what to bring?  Well, a while back, Cynthia showed me a blog that had challenged us to make motifs from the book "Beyond the Square" and I already owned the book. See the blog made in K-town . So I bought many colors of those cotton sugar and cream skeins, gathered a few hooks, and the book and thus had a traveling project.

You would think that I would have accomplished more than seven motifs, but not so.  Here they are:

the group
 Up close of each motif:

Happy stitching!


      ps.  and I did manage to pack everything in airplane carry-on!

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  1. They look great! I guess we have to go back to Florida so you can make more!


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