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Friday, March 23, 2012

Help! Our followers are gone!

Our list of followers is missing!  Where did you all go? And there is no way for anyone to follow us.  When we go into our dashboard it tells us we have 23 followers, but we can't see them.  Does anyone have an idea of what is happening?  Carol and I are sooo confused!


  1. Hi Cynthia - stuff like that has been happening with Blogger since they did their upgrades. I had a problem with blogs disappearing off of my following list - I ended up having to re-follow. Hopefully it will all get fixed soon. :)

    1. thanks Debi. Did you do any kind of upgrade with the google +1 ? I am not really sure what that is.

    2. No, not me - it was Blogger. They upgraded the dashboard and other things and still haven't worked out all the kinks yet. :)

  2. I went into Design, then add gadget and added the followers gadget and all my followers were still there and showed up on my blog again.

  3. Thanks Karen. I have tried deleting the existing Followers gadget and adding it again, but still it doesn't work. How long ago did you try this?


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