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Monday, March 26, 2012

A day of photograhing projects

I have been enjoying my first attempts of combining making jewelry and crocheting.

Cynthia and I got together in her backyard to play with photographing things we have made.  The blanket below is one I made for my daughter Emily. (Luther posed with the picture.)

I wanted to use the colors randomly with a variety of interesting stitches for texture.

I am pleased with the results and Emily liked it too!

We also photographed a blanket I made for Cynthia's daughter Eva upon graduation from high school.  The colors are bright pink, purple, and black.  

Lovely daffodils in Cynthia's yard.

 The BEST surprise  to be photographed that day was the jar that Cynthia gave me and crocheted this beautiful decorative topper for it.

Notice the hearts dangling from the border.

 I have never thought to use crochet in ways like this.  Isn't it beautiful?

 Cynthia suggests that I use this jar to hold my yarn for works in progress so that my darling cats do not play with the yarn!  Great idea!  (I may need more jars.)  Thank you Cynthia for this delightful gift!

For me, it is on to another project.

 This is going to be a blanket for my niece Joanie.  It is worked in rounds around the center circle and builds outward to resemble a flower.  I am using light aqua, dark aqua, and white.
Thanks for indulging me in this display of projects!



  1. I love everything - the bracelets look great, both afghans are beautiful, and I just might have to borrow that idea for my yarn scraps jar. Have a great day. :)

    1. Thanks Debi! I know, that jar idea is fabulous! Cynthia has great ideas.

      -- Carol

  2. The blankets are beautiful especially the first one, those colours work so well together.

    1. Thank you Paula! I enjoyed making that blanket because I was being random with it, rotating colors and stitches as I went along. My attempt to be less symmetrical in my designs.



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