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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun with Giggles Yarn

Debi at DIy's Hooks and Yarns sent me a skein of Giggles Yarn by Sullivan.  Well, actually not an entire skein.  You see the Giggly fun  started with Pat at Hooks and Books.  Pat had the fun idea of knitting a 6 in by 6 in dishcloth with the Giggles.  Then she had a drawing and sent the remaining yarn to Debi.  Debi, in turn, crocheted her own dishcloth and had a drawing to pass the yarn to another blogger. The winner of that drawing was. . . . . . . . me!

So now its my turn.  I have decided to practice my knitting.  

My friend Liz helped me to remember how to cast on stitches. But I'm afraid I was a bit careless with how many stitches I cast on.  My 6 inch wide dishcloth is now about 7 1/2 inches wide.  I could rip it out and begin again.  Or I could make a rectangular dishcloth thats about 71/2 by 5.  What to do. . . . . . what to do. . . . . . .

For those that know me, the answer is pretty clear - rrrrippppppp! It will bother me to no end  that I messed up the size. But I will giggle as I rip - promise!  And  I do want to try and have enough Giggles left to pass on to someone else. I'll have my own drawing when my dishcloth is done.

 Would you like to get in on the giggly fun?  Just post a comment and let me know.

I'll show my completed dishcloth when its done.  These photos were taken at dusk so I don't think the colors are quite as bright as they truly are.


  1. It's fun yarn isn't it - so soft too. Thanks for participating in the giggles fun. :)

  2. How fun...and I love the look of that yarn. x

  3. Thanks for visiting Bron. I popped over to your blog for a visit. Such beautiful sewing! I just took out my machine after quite a long time away from it. I have spent the morning playing around with some piecing for a quilt. Simple straight seams - nothing as challenging as your projects!


  4. That will make dishwashing a lot more fun! What fun yarn!


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