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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A time to rejuvenate

Carol and I got together yesterday for the first time in absolutely weeks and weeks. Each of our lives have been so very full lately - full of wonderful things like  a daughter returning from a trip far, far away,  daughters completing another semester at college, high school senior prom, award ceremonies and graduation, a son's first semi-formal dance (and date!), and backyard prep for a major graduation party!  Phew!  Great stuff!  Unfortunately there have also been some far from wonderful things happening also...a mother's heightened battle with cancer, a father's continually deteriorating dementia/Alzheimer's, sudden loss of a brother-in-law and worries for the nephew, and fear for a daughter's safety and well being.  
The roller coaster ride of ups and downs has been exhausting. I woke up yesterday morning and realized that I had slept through the night for the first time in weeks!  A feeling of happiness and balance is beginning to return and I welcome it.

So Carol and I planned a lovely, leisurely afternoon to talk, catch up with each other, drink tea in my newly created backyard "tea house", share some creative ideas and just generally rejuvenate. 

 We tried!   We fit in some rejuvenation time, that is in between phone calls and texts from one of Carol's daughters about how to get spilled salad dressing off of the living room rug and texts from the other about how to deal with a difficult roommate who appeared to be itching for a fight.  We tried between my attempts to reach my daughter who was a bit lost on her way camping with friends.

 We finally managed to make two delicious cups of hot tea and were about to head to the garden when my other daughter called to say that her car  broke down on the way home from the beach.  Cups down and into the car we went on a rescue mission.  An hour and a half later we sipped cold tea at the dining room table because now it was too buggy to sit outside.  Oh well!  Such is the life of moms!  But I know neither of us would trade it for anything!

Wishing you all peace,


  1. What an eventful day - I hope everything calms down for you so you can have that nice cup of tea. :)

  2. Thank you Cynthia for your wonderful synopsis!!! I still enjoyed every minute of the time we finally made for our friendship. Life goes on doesn't it? Even when we try to slow down our worlds continue to spin around us. It is so wonderful when they collide! Cynthia's yard looks fabulous. Last time we were together in it she had ideas in her head. To see the results come to fruition later is amazing. She is quite the gardener (I am not). Peace and Laughter to my wonderful friend!


  3. Just another day for busy moms. Great job on handling the ups and downs in stride. Enjoy your tea; you've earned it!


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