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Friday, April 20, 2012

Flea Market Treasures

Carol and I love to go to the flea market and hunt for treasures.  This is one of my finds from yesterday.  I found it folded up on a table, fell in love with the colors and pattern and  bought it for $6.  I can't help but imagine the hours of work and love that went into this.  The yarn is fairly fine and the stitches are small. Someone must have been so very proud of this.  Who did they make it for?  How did it come to be on a dirty flea market table selling for $6?

 The are a few spots of damage like the one above. I am hoping I can fix them.

Happy treasure hunting to all!


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  1. Hi Cynthia & Carol.. What a find.. Absolutely stunning rug.. Love the way she? has used that diagonal stitch and the colours are perfect.. Thanks for trying to help with my followers problem.. Still not there as with yours but I can follow other blogs, just means I have to click on the follow button at the top left of the page, go through that and then if it doesn't put you in as a follower, go down to the followers button in the normal way and go through it again. It works then. This is the only I have been able to follow anyone. Hope that helps.... :))


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