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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a gift that speaks a thousand words (to me anyway)

Happy New Year!

As I was making my morning tea I decided to photograph one of my favorite gifts this year. 

And Santa apparently did not get the message as I found NO yarn under the tree this year or in any packaged handed to me that day.  Not that I am complaining (okay, maybe just a little), as I have more than enough yarn in my yarn stash (just ask my husband - he likes to complain about it).  I am sure the wish for more yarn is in every knitter's or crocheter's dreams.

Thank you Ruth, I love my mug and really appreciate the sentiment.  Maybe next year Santa will get the hint.



  1. I love that mug too. I think we need to know where to get them. Ruth...?


  2. Everyone in our family has too many mugs, but when I saw this one, I had to renege on my promise to never buy any more! I fell over laughing when I saw it and I KNEW I had to get it for Carol! And Santa's a dummy because I gave it to her early! But for all of you yarn addicts, I got it at Joann's. I'm pretty sure, anyway. I got a pile of presents there (some for me, I admit) but at AC Moore also, so if you don't see one at the former, try the latter.

    1. Glad you decided to get it.


  3. Well, I went to the Joann's in Mercer Mall yesterday and found the very small selection of Christmas things left. I found a similar mug, for a scrapbooker, but not the yarn one. At least I know where it came from! I would try the Joann's in Mt. Laurel (or is it Moorestown?), if you still want one, Cynthia. Or Oxford Valley, maybe. I'll look if I get to either of these.


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