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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Ho-Hum Ha-Ha

 Well, it has taken me forever to get into the Christmas spirit this year.  And this seems to be a season of sad news for me and people dear to me.  And then on Monday, Cynthia and I made wreathes.  I hope she posts the pictures she took soon (but she is being distracted by a two week substitute teacher stint).  This is mine hanging for only a moment on my front door.  Once I closed the outer storm door I squished the wreath.  So it is hanging on the inside of my door (the white side so not as good of a contrast).    I may change the "picks".  All in all it was a fun project to work on with Cynthia and put me into more of a Christmas spirit than I had been. I like the wonkiness of my wreath.  Cynthia aimed for symmetry and I think succeeded.  My creation had a bit of a mind of its own.

How did we get this idea you ask?  Cynthia and I were shopping for Olivia's art supplies (see some previous post) and spied these wreathes on the way into the store.  We had a light bulb moment and decided it would be our first Advent "secret" project.  I made two wreathes actually, one went to my Mother and Dad.  Theirs is green and goes well with their white door.  I will take its picture someday...  It was to be their front door surprise wreath, but my sister Ruth put a greenery wreath on her door that morning to surprise them.  Great minds think alike?

Christmas 2011 Carol's Wonky Wreath
I even accomplished the majority of my Christmas shopping.  My daughters will be home next week (Jocelyn on Dec. 21 and Emily on Dec. 22).  Between now and then I hope to do some Christmas decorating.  Maybe some baking.  Or even make my formerly annual fudge.  (I haven't made it in a few years.) 

It seems the less I get done around my house the more bah humbuggy I get in December.  So this year I am working extra hard to accomplish things on my house.  And I will continue in the new year. (NOT a resolution.  I don't make them.  Then failure is not so obvious.)

I hope everyone is enjoying their preparations for our greatest gift of all - - Jesus!

Blessings to all this holiday season,

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