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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Carol's Projects

Some of Carol's projects
These are a few of the gifts I have made.  Clockwise from top left: a blanket for my niece Joanie; a blanket for my friend Amy heading off to Colgate (she is a graduate now!); a blanket for my sister Ruth for Christmas last year, baby sweater, hat and booties for Dan and Ayeska's baby David; the multi colors of Kyle's high school graduation blanket for heading off to University of the Arts (from where he is now graduated); the requested orange and red for my nephew Benji; my daughter Emily's fall blanket; Kelly and Dan's wedding blanket; and another view of Kyle's blanket.

I remember making each gift, so the photo brings back memories of the people and the project.  Two of them were from patterns, the rest were my own designs.  I think I have made over a hundred adult or baby blankets for gifts, zillions of scarfs and hats (well, maybe a little exaggerated), and wish I had remembered to photograph all of them. 



  1. Think of all those people warmed by your love! Olivia is looking forward to her college blanket- once she figures out where she is going!


  2. I can tell you how much I love your work, but I can't seem to find words to tell you how much I love the cover you made for me, shown in your picture. It is one of many things you have made for me--hats, scarves, covers, shawls, Christmas ornaments. Did I miss anything? But that cover is my favorite! You gave it to me when I needed it most. It keeps me warm every night, even in the summer. My cat loves it, too. I love the colors, the yarn, and the pattern. I touch it and marvel that you made it so perfectly with just a crochet hook! I love that you're teaching my daughter, Anna, to crochet. That is your gift to her! So, thank you!!!


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